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Automated, real-time journey management monitoring.

Protect your greatest asset – your people. JMS simplifies company travel safety operations through automation and features that will protect your mobile workers.

Enhanced Safety Features

Driving to remote locations is one of the riskiest activities any employee will ever undertake and all staff should be protected from these hazards.

JMS not only includes several safety features for workers on the road but creates a culture of safety by demonstrating that you care about staff wellbeing.

Journey Management System | JMS - HSE icon
HSE Compliance

Digital journey plan submission allows managers to comply with any company travel HSE policy.

Journey Management System | JMS - offline icon
Offline Capability

Create a trip and complete a trip even if the mobile device is offline. JMS can still capture data using GPS.

Journey Management System | JMS - fatigue icon
Fatigue Notifications

Tired drivers are unsafe drivers. JMS will alert you if your workers have been on the road too long.

Remote Workers Privacy

Put your workers at ease with JMS, with the app automatically disengaging at the end of each and every journey so no one feels like they are being tracked in their personal time. We are here to keep you safe, not monitor your every move.

Journey Management System | JMS - software features

More Fleet Management features to ensure drivers’ safety!

The JMS app is packed full of features. This is not a typical journey management system that involves the risky process of manual SMS check-ins, which can lead to heavy penalties or worse. Our system automates and manages the entire process to keep your workers hands-free and safe.

Journey Management System | JMS - verbal reminder icon
Verbal Reminders

Verbal alerts for essentials such as rest breaks, so drivers never touch their phones on the road.

Journey Management System | JMS - industry icon
Industry Versatility

No matter the industry, JMS can can tailor a solution that works for your mobile workforce.

Journey Management System | JMS - duress icon
Duress Button

Ultimate safety assurance with an emergency button to trigger alerts and escalate responses.

Journey Management System | JMS - digital forms icon
Digital Forms

Automated data and compliance for paper-free operations via integrated Digital Forms software.

Seamless IVMS integration

There are many In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) providers out there and JMS can integrate with the vast majority of them. Part of our customisation commitment to you is to integrate with each and every API to give you complete journey management safety, data and automation.

Journey Management System | JMS - IVMS Illustration
The best of both worlds

By integrating with your IVMS, JMS can deliver travel safety applications and provide coverage of your operational tasks in both IVMS and non-IVMS vehicles.

Journey Management System | JMS - IVMS Illustration
Tiered and volume pricing

We understand not every business is the same and there is always scope for growth. JMS will scale with you – delivering savings as you grow.

Cost effective,
superior solutions

You cannot put a price on the safety and wellbeing of your workers. JMS delivers the most cost-effective solution on the market with more features than any of our competitors.

Proven and trusted

JMS was developed in tandem with industry-leaders in the resources sector.

A service built on relationships and around-the-clock support.

Scaled to adapt to any operations in any industry.

Take JMS for a test drive

Be the safety guardian of staff travelling for your business.