Fleet Technology Trends for 2022

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October 2, 2022

Despite being two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, technology in the fleet management space continues to evolve to ensure businesses can adapt to rapidly changing conditions. Stay ahead of the competition with these leading fleet management technology trends for 2022: 

Supporting remote workers with journey management software

Remote working has increasingly become the new normal for many businesses, with many looking to technology solutions to help stay connected to their workforce. Adopting journey management software will be a key opportunity in the fleet management space to help organisations keep open lines of communication to their remote workers. From real-time visibility over staff, powerful GPS features, automated check-in alerts, and offline data capturing capabilities, utilising journey management technology will be vital to enhancing business operations throughout 2022.inline_612_https://www.jmsapp.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/iStock-1185213645-300x200.jpg


Vehicle automation technology 

While widespread adoption of driverless cars is still some time away, businesses are looking to technology to enhance the driving experience and this is quickly becoming the norm to support their travelling workforce. This can range anywhere from more precise navigation apps, advanced cruise control options, or even health and well-being features aimed at reducing fatigue and stress.  Technology in this space will be crucial to staying competitive and boosting productivity, as it will enable workers to safely travel for longer periods of time.


Improvements to telematics and GPS technology

Fleet managers continue to take data tracking to the next level with telematics and GPS tools, allowing for greater cost-efficiencies, as well as improving driver safety and productivity. GPS and telematics technology will continue to advance in 2022 with connectivity improvements to satellite systems and 5G networks. This will allow for greater accuracy across vehicle and asset tracking, driver status, and vehicle maintenance requirements. Leveraging telematics technology will be critical to staying competitive in 2022, by helping businesses to reduce downtime and manage their operations more efficiently. inline_241_https://www.jmsapp.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/iStock-1089511558-300x199.jpg


Utilising 5G capabilities for faster response times 

The arrival of 5G has brought upon major improvements to fleet management technology, enabling information to be shared more rapidly to ensure drivers stay connected throughout their journey. In 2022, adopting 5G fleet technology will continue to dominate as it allows businesses to overcome one of the biggest challenges when it comes to managing their travelling workforce: keeping open lines of communication. By eliminating slower response times, businesses can take full advantage of real-time visibility to improve productivity and driver safety. Before the technology becomes widely available, businesses should consider introducing a 5G fleet management tool into their operations to maximise connectivity to their workforce.


Automated real-time journey monitoring software

Developed in tandem with industry leaders, JMS allows you to support your travelling workforce in real-time with live visibility over your staff and operations. Keep workers safe with full journey monitoring capabilities, automated alerts, , geotagged checkpoints and more. Get to know JMS with a free demo today.



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