Bringing together industry leaders in fleet safety technology

Our official integration partnership with Geotab provides a simple, easy-to-use solution that can be seamlessly deployed into your operation to safeguard your travelling workforce.

Real-time GPS tracking

The addition of the iridium satellite modem provides even greater visibility over your travelling workforce with real-time journey tracking capabilities.

Automated, hands-free alerts

Drivers can remain fully focused on the road with automated geolocation alerts triggered by the Geotab Go device, mobile device GPS, or a combination of both.

Ultimate safety assurance

Industry-leading risk management and safety features such as an emergency duress button, incident recreation tools, verbal fatigue reminders and more.

Seamless integration

When drivers start their journey, JMS will automatically use the advanced GPS functionality from your Geotab IVMS unit.

Intuitive journey planning

Simple, user-friendly interface that allows drivers to book their journey in under three minutes.

Support whenever you need it

Both JMS and Geotab offer 24/7 support for your team, as well as full staff training and onboarding available to make the most of your Geotab IVMS unit.

Drive safety within your business

The most comprehensive journey management app on the market, JMS empowers fleet managers and operations across the globe to keep their driving workforce safe and secure.

Our official integration partnership with Geotab delivers true coverage over hire, company, personal or any other vehicle used in company required travel.

Connected with Geotab, award-winning telematics provider

With over two million connected vehicles in 137 countries, Geotab is the most reliable and trusted IVMS provider across the globe. Our integrated solution provides unparalleled support for all your fleet management requirements.