JMS offers mobile workforce tracking solutions to all industries

JMS is your end-to-end fleet management and risk assessment solution, developed in tandem with you. Our inception and continued growth have been born of continued relationships with large companies, getting to understand their needs, challenges and pain points and developing journey management solutions to suit.

Mining, Resources and Construction

Manage teams across numerous work sites and safeguard lone workers travelling remotely.


Travelling as a work function is vital across all tiers of the resources and construction sector. In rural and remote areas, travel can include hazards such as fatigue, driver error and vehicle malfunction, all of which can occur in areas with limited mobile reception. By mapping out road journeys and monitoring these trips with our GPS tracking systems, you can increase driver safety and respond to emergencies quickly – a process that JMS automates for you.

Health and Education

Monitor and protect health service providers, students and researchers on the road.


The days of the old-fashioned home visits from the doctor appeared to be over. Now, more and more health care providers are behind the wheel and delivering services in people’s houses which means their safety on the road becomes an additional layer of risk management. JMS can help monitor and protect health service providers with our HSE compliant and automated, real-time journey management monitoring. Education also extends beyond the classroom. Whether it is a primary school, secondary school or higher education institutions like university and TAFE, students are being placed remotely for a range of reasons. Excursions, placements, practical assessments – JMS can ensure their safety no matter where they are studying.

Government and Communities

Protect the teams and individuals that represent and maintain our local communities.


Social workers, youth workers, community workers, child services and volunteers are often confronted with unknown scenarios, particularly when involving home visits. Physical violence, threats of violence, verbal abuse and intimidation from clients of child, family and community welfare sector workers are a frequent occurrence according to all studies reviewed. This presents significant challenges for organisations managing the safety of a workforce operating in these high-risk environments. When it comes to keeping your workers safe while they are on the road or visiting clients, JMS is your safety guardian.

Our automated journey management software gives organisations complete visibility of their travelling workforce and the peace of mind they get home safe. JMS also ensures rapid response to client violence with the added comfort for workers to know they’re not alone.

Transport, Freight and Logistics

From individuals to the largest fleets JMS helps you ensure all drivers reach their destination safely.


The trucks on the road are driving global economies. There is no question that this is a booming industry that is only going to continue to expand in the coming years. Consumers continue to move towards online purchases which means more freight, more delivery services and more logistics across the board. JMS provides a single truck GPS tracking platform to monitor even the largest fleets and ensure all drivers reach their destination safely, deploying emergency services rapidly if they do not meet designed checkpoints.

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