See what’s inside

The best way to ditch manual spreadsheets, paper-based journey plans
Your answer to staff safety and HSE compliance
Access to 2–3-minute journey plans
Best practices for risk management and how yours stacks up against the best
A look at how Anglo American and Shell QGC manage remote worker safety
The dashboard that delivers complete oversight of processes, staff movements and communications

A breath of fresh innovation and smart technology

With more safety features than any other app on the market – JMS ensures anyone that drives for work has support no matter where they are or what happens.

Industry Versatility

JMS can can tailor a solution that works for your mobile workforce.

Digital Forms

Automated data and compliance for paper-free operations.


Personal setup + support

Assistance with change management and staff training support.

Customise your journey plan

Each business is different. We will create a personalised solution for your needs.


Verbal Reminders

Verbal alerts for essentials such as rest breaks, so drivers never touch their phones on the road.

Real-time Mobile GPS

for complete visibility over your guys.

Offline Capability

Create a trip and complete a trip even if the mobile device is offline. JMS can still capture data using GPS.

IVMS Integration

Boosted satellite coverage has become critical for remote workers. JMS integrates with numerous In-Vehicle Monitoring System providers.

Duress Button

Ultimate safety assurance—emergency button to trigger alerts and escalate responses.

Auto Checkpoints + Alerts

From departure and safety alerts to incidents and arrival, JMS will keep you updated along every step of the journey.

Fatigue Notifications

Tired drivers are unsafe drivers. JMS will alert you if your workers have been on the road too long.

HSE Compliance

Digital journey plan submission allows managers to comply with any company travel HSE policy.


Easy & Intuitive Journey Planning Process

With a user-friendly interface and a process that allows a user to book their journey all in under three minutes, there is no better way to ensure their safety whilst driving for work.

Don’t be a statistic.

Road accidents account for 43% of all work-related fatalities in Australia.

The world is a mobile place, but driving is one of the riskiest tasks any worker will undertake. Manage and protect your travelling workforce with real-time insights, live visibility and rapid emergency response.

With more safety features than any other app on the market – JMS ensures anyone that drives for work has support no matter where they are or what happens.

JMS will help your workplace meet WHS obligations, HSS compliance and protect your greatest asset - your people.


work-related fatalities in Australia


Don’t just take our word for it

After a serious roll over event in a remote area we begun to search for a suitable journey management system. Your team has provided the highest level of professional service. The system is easy to understand and most importantly easy for our technicians to set up and use.



The team have recently supported Iberdrola’s software development needs as we react to the COVID-19 world and the changing face of compliance requirements for our personnel. The team have continued with rapid response times and excellent customer support.



Industry Leaders Use JMS

JMS was developed in tandem with industry-leaders in the resources sector. Used by Fortune 500.