Why a check-in system is vital in journey management

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March 1, 2020

In any industry, your greatest asset is your people and having a check-in, check-out system is the best way to ensure they are safe if travel is part of their job.

Managers should include a check-in system as part of their company travel policy and procedures to ensure employees have reached checkpoints and their destination safely.

This is especially important in industries where travel between job sites is essential, like the resources (mining, oil, gas, and renewables) sectors, transportation industries and health service and care providers.

Driving for work reasons is one of the most dangerous activities any employee will undertake.  In the United States, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of work-related deaths – making up 25 per cent of all fatalities.

This is more pronounced when driving in rural and regional areas, a common requirement for those travelling between job sites in the resources sector and in the transportation industry. For example, in the United Kingdom, almost 60 per cent of all road fatalities occurred on rural roads.

And in Australia, where driving long distances through remote and rural areas for work is common, almost a third of all work-related fatalities are the result of a vehicle collision.

By regularly using a check-in system you can determine where employees are located, whether they have met their fatigue management obligations and if they are experiencing any difficulties along the way.

And thanks to the Journey Management System (JMS) app, you can fully automate this process with digital check-ins that use the GPS signal of a mobile device, sending alerts to management if a driver does not reach a checkpoint on time.


The benefits of in‐vehicle monitoring systems (IVMS) and journey management

The best way to maximise safety in your company travel policy is to include in‐vehicle monitoring systems (IVMS) in work vehicles.

This optimises safety by monitoring the journey of the employee, eliminating the need for manual check-ins and also help drive down costs through greater efficiencies.

Journey Management System is an industry-leading IVMS system that is easily installed on mobile devices and has been used by mining and resources giants Anglo American, Shell-operated QGC and Mitchell Services.

The app is simple to use, just log your journeys, checkpoints and fatigue management points and alerts will automatically be sent via SMS, mobile audio and email to managers if the driver does not reach these checkpoints in the designated time period.

It uses both the mobile/cell signal of the device and GPS to ensure that these alerts can be sent in areas with low reception, adding an extra layer of safety.

And once the journey is complete, the monitoring system automatically disables.

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