Why your company needs a lone worker safety app

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September 3, 2022

First of all, what exactly is a lone worker? 
Simply put, a lone (remote) worker is an employee who performs an activity alone, away from other workers, and without close or direct supervision. Employers need to pay special attention and take care with lone workers because they may be at higher risk if there is no one to assist them in an emergency. 

Many businesses have implemented lone worker policies, travel risk assessments, call in/out buddy systems, lone worker check-in devices, and a variety of panic alarm apps now available on mobile devices. It is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to maintain a centralised technology platform that gives them access to real-time data about the safety of their remote or lone workers. 

Keeping lone workers safe doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive 

Effectively keeping remote or lone workers safe doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, but it is unquestionably needs to be done. And now more than ever. Choosing the best lone worker safety solution might prove tricky though, as there are so many options out there. 

For most businesses, a lone worker app is the best choice because of its ease of use, price, and potential for future growth. Other lone worker solutions, such as call centres, GPS tracking and phone-based systems, are either outmoded or only satisfy some of the needs of the business and its budget. 

JMS’s is affordable, simple to use, and equipped with a variety of security features to keep your lone workers secure at all times. Lone worker safety apps are a better option for your company than traditional lone worker gadgets, which we’ll discuss in this post. 

The concern about lone worker devices 

So why do many businesses choose to implement JMS across their workforce after they’ve tested or trialled various lone worker gadgets and hardware, such as pendants, safety cards and GPS hardware? 

Some reasons commonly cited by businesses who’ve tried out these alternatives include: 

  • The workers didn’t want to take additional gadgets with them at work 
  • Replacing or fixing gadgets came with an additional cost 
  • Workers often forgot to charge the devices, left them behind, or didn’t return them to the office. 
  • Limited availability due to their prohibitive cost meant sometimes the devices had to be rationed out meaning not all lone workers were protected.

In addition to the above concerns, the price tag associated with lone worker devices might prove too much to supply one to each employee. 

On top of this, these solutions often come with long term contracts.

As an app, JMS can simply be installed on the worker’s own smartphone meaning you won’t have to spend money on new or replacement equipment to protect your lone workers. 

However, JMS is able to integrate with many of the lone worker devices and hardware you may already be using for environments that require specialised equipment 

Benefits of using an app to protect lone workers 

To further understand why JMS is the best solution for your business and keeping your lone workers safe, we will look at some of the most important features and factors. 


Using JMS on your employees’ smartphones (iOS or Android) means that they are already familiar with how to use the device, while the app itself is user-friendly and offers useful features such as a Safety Stop Timer and simple Emergency Duress button. 

It’s also a quick and simple to invite and onboard your employees to the app. 

Location Monitoring 

A countdown timer will automatically send out alerts if the lone worker misses a check-in as well as if they activate the Emergency Duress button and provide their real-time location using the devices GPS. The best part of this feature is the  


Because so many of your employees already have smartphones, deploying an app is the most cost-effective way forward for your business. Unlike other technology and devices for lone workers, there is no initial investment required. 

Due to its market leading end-to-end journey management features, JMS is the most affordable solution to keep your lone workers safe – whether they’re travelling to and from work or during their lone work. 

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JMS helps you implement your company’s own safety policies and configure escalation procedures across departments and teams. 


Keeping track of lone employees and safeguarding them is made simple through the JMS dashboard. 

The JMS lone worker solution keeps a record of all the lone worker actions managed by the JMS app. Your company can manage lone workers, analyse historical data, generate reports, configure escalation processes, and link your management tools with ease thanks to user-friendly app and platform integrations 

Data Collation 

All lone worker safety and management data from JMS is available for quick access and reference through the dashboard. It can also be saved as reports for HR purposes, resource planning and government compliance. 


With many lone workers operating in remote locations with poor connectivity, the need for boosted satellite coverage has become critical. 

As a partner of the worlds #1 telematics provider, Geotab, and personal satellite monitoring tool, Garmin, the JMS app offers a complete lone worker safety solution. 

Safeguarding lone workers with JMS

Protecting your employees, staying compliant, and saving time are all benefits of JMS’s lone worker safety app. 

JMS effortlessly combines safety and efficiency with features such as periodic check-ins, simple and discrete duress alert activation, real-time location sharing, and full historical reporting. 

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