Unlocking the future of safety and efficiency.

JMS is committed to delivering cutting-edge digital solutions with unwavering quality and innovation.

JMS is shaped by established industry leaders.

Our journey began in 2011 through our partnership with QGC (now Shell QGC), one of Australia’s largest operators in the coal seam gas industry. They were looking for ways to improve safety and automate their operations for better efficiencies and improved risk management processes.

Since then, JMS has grown exponentially, managing mobile workforces of any size, and has been adopted by industry leaders such as Mitchell Services and Anglo American.

JMS is part of the IONYX Group, along with other products such as Local Suppliers Portal, Fly2Work, and VELA Digital

As part of this group of industry leaders and experts, we are committed to delivering exceptional digital solutions and upholding the highest standards of quality and innovation.

Why JMS?

We like to let the numbers speak about the unparalleled remote worker solutions that JMS offers.

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WHS compliance
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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision

To provide an unparalleled experience globally, as the most trusted partner for safe employees and compliant employers.

Our Mission

We are committed to delivering peace of mind to employers, championing the well-being of traveling workforces, and offering versatile, agile, and personalised solutions to our valued clients. Through our unwavering dedication, we aim to become the most trusted and relied-upon safety guardians across all industries we serve, forming enduring partnerships built on protection and assistance.

Our Values

We inspire employers to become safety guardians for all staff travelling for their workplace.

We inspire employers to become safety guardians for all staff travelling for their workplace.

We teach both employers and employees that safety is more than just a measurable outcome.

We build trusting relationships with our clients and partners by listening, following through and staying ahead of the curve.

43% of work-related fatalities happen on the road.

Explore the simplicity of ensuring safety for your lone workers.

Your journey to a safer, smarter, compliant workplace begins with JMS.