JMS and GEOTAB: Your partners in road safety and workforce security.

JMS and GEOTAB partner to ensure road safety and security for your workforce.

Bringing together industry leaders in fleet safety technology.

Our official integration partnership with GEOTAB provides a simple, easy-to-use solution that can be seamlessly deployed into your operation to safeguard your travelling workforce.

JMS empowers fleet managers and operations teams to prioritise safety and security for their driving workforce. As the most reliable and trusted IVMS provider worldwide, GEOTAB brings unparalleled expertise to our integrated solution. With this partnership, you’ll have the support and tools you need for all your fleet management requirements.

Experience the future of fleet safety with JMS and GEOTAB – where cutting-edge technology meets unwavering commitment to your workforce’s well-being on the road. Your journey to safer, more secure travel begins here.

Revolutionary integrated IVMS Journey Management solutions.

Fleet Optimisation

Maximise savings through advanced benchmarking and accurate fleet fuel tracking. Ensure optimal vehicle performance with proactive maintenance solutions that include both preventative and predictive methods. Keep your fleet efficient and on the road while reducing operational costs utilising GEOTAB’s Fleet Optimisation Solutions.

Total fleet visibility in one view.

Enhance fleet visibility comprehensively through MyGeotab with the addition of the Iridium satellite modem. Utilise proactive insights, visualisations, and advanced benchmarking tools to optimise fleet operations. Gain a holistic understanding of your fleet’s dynamics to make informed decisions and drive efficiency across your operations.

Driver safety anywhere, anytime

Workers traveling long distances in remote locations can easily lose concentration. Monitor harsh acceleration, cornering and braking, as well as four-wheel drive engaged, seat belt use and speeding. Generate driver safety scorecards, automated alerts and scheduled reports for driver coaching to get your team home safe at the end of their shift.

Capturing the broadest and richest vehicle data

Harness the power of the GEOTAB GO9 telematic vehicle tracking device, adept at capturing and normalising vital data from over 9,000 vehicles. Simply plug the GO device into any vehicle’s standard OBDII port to seamlessly gather industry-leading, high-quality vehicle data for comprehensive insights and analysis.

AI-driven data analysis and insights

Transform data from different sources by normalising that data to make sure it’s clean, filtered and standardised. GEOTAB’s powerful AI-driven platform analyses your data against industry benchmarks and historical data to deliver fast and accurate insights without the need for manual data manipulation.

Support whenever you need it.

Both JMS and GEOTAB offer 24/7 support for your team, as well as full staff training and onboarding available to make the most of your GEOTAB IVMS fitted fleet.

Drive safety within your business.

Our collaboration with GEOTAB guarantees effortless integration, providing a seamless safety solution to protect your workforce with utmost convenience.

Improve your safety programs with trending, real-time, and predictive data insights to identify your fleet’s riskiest drivers. Understand driver trends such as speeding, harsh braking, seat belt use, and more. Be notified when violations or collisions occur, and deliver in-vehicle coaching to protect your drivers and others on the road. 

Enjoy reliable and trusted IVMS solutions with a strong global presence, thanks to GEOTAB’s four million connected vehicles globally and established telematics excellence.

Regulatory compliance, device integration, and peace-of-mind.

Put powerful modern tools to work to digitise and strengthen fleet regulatory compliance. Simplify fleet compliance with workflows and alerts that can be delivered right on a smartphone or tablet.

Say goodbye to manual reporting as JMS and GEOTAB provide effortless data-rich insights, boosting efficiency, cutting costs, and elevating safety measures.

Enjoy a tailored dashboard with advanced metrics: customise it, access historical and future travel data, ensure compliance, and leverage benchmarking features alongside engine diagnostics and driver performance data.

Trusted by these industry leaders:

43% of work-related fatalities happen on the road.

Explore the simplicity of ensuring safety for your lone workers.

Your journey to a safer, smarter, compliant workplace begins with JMS.