JMS Remote Worker Module: Protecting your remote workforce​

Ensure real-time protection for employees and enjoy simplified management, monitoring, and reporting of Remote Worker activities through a user-friendly dashboard, always connected through Iridium satellite service.

Ensure peace of mind for your truly Remote Workers.

Welcome to the future of remote worker safety and productivity management! Introducing JMS Remote Worker Module, the ultimate solution designed to safeguard your employees in real-time while streamlining management, monitoring, and reporting – all from one user-friendly dashboard.

Our remote worker module works exclusively over the Iridium satellite network via Bluetooth connection to your Garmin handheld devices, for two way communications, anywhere! We can also deliver a lite version over mobile or wifi networks.

Request a demo or get in touch with our team today to discover how we can transform your remote workforce into a safer, more efficient, and happier team. Your workforce deserves the best, and JMS is here to deliver.

Remote Worker safety, made easy.

Real-time employee protection.

Our mobile app for iOS and Android transforms your employees’ smartphones into powerful safety tools. With the touch of a button, they can send duress alerts directly to managers, ensuring help is always just moments away.

Effortless activity monitoring.

Say goodbye to guesswork. Visualise your employees’ locations and activities in real-time. Know exactly when they start, take breaks, and finish their work, giving you unprecedented control and visibility.

Proactive alert system.

JMS Remote Worker Module generates instant alerts when an employee overstays their scheduled activity or misses a check-in. It’s your safety net, ensuring that no one is left in potentially risky situations.

Iridium network integration.

JMS Remote Worker Module seamlessly integrates with the Iridium network, a global satellite network renowned for its reliability. Your remote workers will stay connected and protected, even in the most out of the way locations.

Flexible deployment.

Quick and hassle-free deployment of JMS Remote Worker Module on employee smartphones means you can start enhancing safety immediately.

Customisable plans.

Tailor JMS Remote Worker Module to your organisation’s unique needs, whether you have a small remote team or a large workforce spread across the globe.

Comprehensive safety, intuitive management, detailed insights.

JMS prioritises the well-being of your employees above all else, offering top-tier safety features to protect them in any situation.

The JMS Remote Worker Module features an intuitive dashboard, making it easy for you to manage and report on remote worker activities, even if you’re not a tech expert.

Gain insights into your remote workers’ activities with detailed logs. Track work hours, distance travelled, and breaks, enabling you to optimise safety and identify areas for improvement.

Regulatory compliance, device integration, and peace-of-mind.

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements with automated compliance reporting, giving you peace of mind during audits and inspections.

Seamlessly integrate JMS Remote Worker Module with your existing Garmin inReach devices, ensuring minimal disruption to your organisation’s operations.

Go home knowing your employees will do the same. Rest assured that your remote team is protected, connected, and accounted for, no matter where they are.

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43% of work-related fatalities happen on the road.

Explore the simplicity of ensuring safety for your lone workers.

Your journey to a safer, smarter, compliant workplace begins with JMS.