JMS Roadwatch: Your road to safer journeys with driving insight, powered by AI.

Enhance safety and efficiency with dual-facing AI dash cams, providing real-time risk alerts for drivers and fleet managers.

Bringing together industry leaders in fleet safety technology.

Incorporating in-cab video monitoring within your fleet is the optimal approach to improving driver behaviour. This proactive step reduces accident risks and elevates overall fleet safety.

Introducing RoadWatch AI, the latest advancement in intelligent video telematics.

Our dual-facing cameras harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify hazardous driving behaviours such as yawning/fatigue, distractions, mobile phone usage, and seat belt neglect.

Experience real-time risk alerts and enhanced safety with JMS RoadWatch, your partner for safer journeys powered by AI.

Dual-facing AI dash cams that improve safety and operational efficiency.

Enhance safety with instant alerts.

Our intelligent cameras enable real-time analysis of road and driver behaviour. Send real-time alerts to drivers and utilise actionable insights to boost driver safety.

Real-time AI-powered analysis.

Utilise cutting-edge computer vision technology for instant scene analysis, object detection and identification of distracted or fatigued drivers.

High-definition dual dash cams with live streaming.

Our dual-facing cameras feature 4G LTE connectivity, HD video streaming, and audio support. View live feeds and communicate with drivers via audio alerts.

Efficient GPS tracking.

Effortlessly manage fleet and work crews with our integrated GPS system. JMS RoadWatch offers telematics data and geofencing capabilities, allowing you to monitor vehicles for enhanced performance and route efficiency.

Post-incident video analysis.

Conduct precise post-incident video analysis to identify accident causes, enhance safety measures, and ensure accurate accident assessment.

Compliance enforcement for fleet health and safety.

JMS RoadWatch ensures strict compliance with fleet health and safety policies, enhancing overall operational safety and adherence.

Bringing driver safety solutions into the 21st century.

JMS RoadWatch offers tailored solutions to suit the needs of any mobile workforce, ensuring versatility for any industry.

Prioritise best-in-class cybersecurity, with substantial investments made by the JMS team to ensure the utmost security and protection of client information.

Simplicity reigns in our mobile app for field staff, with its exceptional user-friendliness and intuitive design, guaranteeing a swift and effortless start for your workforce.

State-of-the-art safety technology

Enjoy effortless custom reporting with JMS RoadWatch through accessible APIs, allowing you to visualise your desired data right out of the box.

JMS RoadWatch ensures strict compliance with fleet health and safety policies, enhancing overall operational safety and adherence.

Access continuous support with JMS RoadWatch as our help desk remains available round the clock, ensuring assistance whenever you need it.

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43% of work-related fatalities happen on the road.

Explore the simplicity of ensuring safety for your lone workers.

Your journey to a safer, smarter, compliant workplace begins with JMS.