Protect your people with JMS: Your Journey Management Solution

Streamline operations, enhance safety, and ensure compliance with JMS App.

Oversee and efficiently manage your workforce, regardless of size.

The JMS App represents a comprehensive, all-inclusive platform which effectively reduces the likelihood of human error while simultaneously cutting down on the expenses associated with continuous monitoring.

JMS App offers an extensive safety feature set that outshines any other application available in the market. This ensures that remote workers, regardless of their location, can rely on the JMS App.

From real-time tracking and diagnostics to risk assessments and duress alarms, the JMS App empowers both fleet and safety managers and drivers as well, providing them with the essential tools required to guarantee the safety, efficiency, and dependability of their operations.

Whether you are responsible for overseeing a large workforce or you’re a remote or lone worker navigating your routes, the JMS App keeps you connected throughout your journey.

The ultimate journey management technology.

Efficient route planning.

Save time and money with JMS App by streamlining route planning and adjustments. Benefit from instant notifications, real-time updates and automate trip reporting. Say goodbye to manual route management.

Comprehensive safety coverage.

JMS App covers all safety aspects, from risk assessments for each journey to rapid response protocols for emergencies. Protect your employees with real-time safety alerts and check-in features.

Compliance assured.

Remain compliant with regulatory requirements via pre-defined journey management protocols and automated documentation. Customise these options to align with your company’s Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) policies.

Protection for solo workers.

JMS App can be installed on both iOS and Android devices, facilitating rapid deployment to employee smartphones. Automate check-ins using geofenced checkpoints to maintain complete visibility of your remote workforce.

Swift distress response.

Receive real-time alerts through SMS, push notifications, and email, ensuring immediate responses to distress signals from your team.

Advanced fleet safety solutions.

Experience JMS App’s integration with GEOTAB, Garmin, Pivotel and RoadWatch AI for enhanced fleet safety, real-time monitoring and AI-driven alerts.

Powerful integrations: Uniting industry leaders for worker safety.

JMS App’s integration with GEOTAB safeguards your travelling workforce, through revolutionary integrated In-Vehicle Monitoring Solutions (IVMS).

Linking the JMS App with Garmin devices via Bluetooth Low Energy and the dependable Iridium satellite network, provided by Pivotel ensures unparalleled assurance and real-time monitoring.

RoadWatch AI, JMS App’s cutting-edge video telematics system, employs dual-facing cameras with AI capabilities, identifying risky driver behaviours such as fatigue.

Smartphone technology in tandem with online reporting and insights.

The JMS app can be installed on both iOS and Android devices, enabling quick deployment to employee smartphones.

Journeys can be managed from the web portal, the mobile app or via email. No more managing Excel spreadsheets, calendars or pdf attachments.

Automate the check-in process through geotagged checkpoints and maintain complete visibility of your remote workforce.

Trusted by these industry leaders:

43% of work-related fatalities happen on the road.

Explore the simplicity of ensuring safety for your lone workers.

Your journey to a safer, smarter, compliant workplace begins with JMS.