CR Mining

Helping a global engineering manufacturer better manage their fleets and operations with valuable vehicle insights and driver behaviour data.

The Challenge

CR Mining is a global IP, engineering, software and manufacturer of large surface and underground mining equipment and mining digital technologies.

“Zero Harm – a commitment to the prevention of injuries and incidents and the highest social standards,” forms one of CR Mining’s seven values. It was this commitment positioned as a company value that led to CR Mining partnering with IONYX via the Journey Management System (JMS) to digitise their journey risk management processes and provide a critical control to one of their major employee risks.

Pain Points
  • Paper-based journey management plans
  • Immature fatigue management tools
  • Lack of visibility of road travelling workforce, particularly in remote and low population regions
  • Inadequate risk assessment procedure and mitigation controls
  • Absent duress button and emergency response functionality


Embarking on the digitisation journey, CR Mining have redefined the way they operate worldwide and uphold a risk-averse organisational culture.

By introducing JMS’s full feature software to their fleets, CR Mining were able to extract accurate and actionable intelligence from real-time trip data and deliver the following:

How we helped
  • Confirmation of safe journey completion for all travelling road employees
  • Greater granularity and understanding of workforce travel data to provide value across the organisation
  • Advanced fatigue management
  • A culture shift to better understand and prevent driver fatigue
  • Wider workforce transparency and data-driven decision-making to improve operations & journey plans
  • Pinpoint driver location and behaviour to inform driver training, or reconstruct a travel incident or event with forensic data
  • Alerts and escalate responses following remote vehicle turnovers has proven invaluable
Big Data harnessed to provide valuable insights and safety assurance

Following a road-related incident where a driver suffered a micro-sleep at the wheel in regional QLD and another incapacitated in a vehicle in remote Western Australia, JMS demonstrated the value of data accuracy and escalated emergency response tools. The CR Mining team were able to pinpoint both vehicles post notification and respond accordingly to ensure the safety of their people.

The Result

The journey management solution has significantly improved the safety, operational efficiency, and visibility of a workforce driving 25,000km a month.

Collecting thousands of points of data each day, JMS has provided critical intelligence to make data-driven business decisions, enhance journey plans and escalate response time.

“We see JMS as a crucial tool to assist us to meet our Zero Harm company value which takes in monitoring and confirming the safe completion of staff road journeys for travelling employees into remote locations.”

GM Global Digital Operations


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