JMS to be rolled out across the global network of fleet management leaders Geotab

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May 6, 2020

Journey management software company JMS is proud to announce a new partnership with global telematics company Geotab.


Under the partnership, the JMS-branded in-vehicle monitoring system will be included as a solution on the Geotab platform. Geotab is a trusted partner of some of the world’s largest vehicle fleets and provides data that helps improve compliance, safety and reduce costs for companies that have employees that drive as part of their job function.

JMS is a cost-effective safety application that was developed in Brisbane by software company IONYX to assist companies to monitor their mobile workforce.

This has been a real challenge in Australia, especially for mining and resources companies, with large distances between job sites and remote areas with limited mobile reception and many hazards drivers encounter on a daily basis.

JMS is a completely hands-free application that monitors drivers in real-time using geofencing technology to ensure the have arrived safely at their destinations. Managers are alerted via SMS, email and push notification if a driver fails to reach a designated checkpoint or fatigue management stop and action can be taken.

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The JMS app uses the GPS functionality of the device to ensure alerts are still sent in area of limited mobile coverage and last known location can be used for rapid emergency service response.

And it also eliminates the dangerous and illegal driver behaviour of sending messages and receiving messages to let their employers know they have reached their destination.

It has been deployed by industry leaders including Shell QGC, Anglo American, AGL, Mitchell Services, Iluka and Wasco.

Now, JMS will be available for fleet managers across the globe under this new partnership with Geotab.

JMS Business Development Manager Jim Culliford added that JMS users would also have access to Geotab API which will provide integrated IVMS solutions.

“Not only will the JMS app be able to provide coverage for users in personal or hire vehicles but also our clients’ operational activities in both IVMS and non-IVMS vehicles,” he said.

A large reason Geotab has enjoyed the global success that it has to date has been the integration of third-party applications into its platform to create a holistic solution for fleet management.

Geotab founder and CEO Neil Cawse told Fleet Management Weekly in April that providing services like JMS’ in-vehicle monitoring systems, fleet managers were getting access to a total ecosystem of products to serve all of their needs.

“We build the operating system and the infrastructure that allows companies, external partners (like JMS) to come in and build products on top of Geotab,” he said.

“We provide the underpinnings and we make it very easy for customers to add the extra services and we create a marketplace where they can sell their services to the fleet managers and to the people that are interested.

“That is why we think it is game-changing, it is different (from) trying to do it all ourselves. We cannot be all things to all people.

”By creating this rich environment and ecosystem the customer at the end of the day is the one who is going to win.”

Mr Culliford welcomed the partnership and said the expanded reach of JMS would help businesses around the world achieve greater safety compliance – and save lives.

“Too many people around the world have lost their lives driving as part of their job, it is the riskiest activity anyone will undertake as part of their employment,” he said.

“JMS provides the tools any company with a mobile workforce needs to monitor their workers and deploy assistance quickly, no one needs to be left stranded.“We thank Geotab for partnering with us and look forward to widening the reach of our journey management, safety application across a wide range of industries.”

Geotab app partnership

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