Mining safety software to protect your drivers

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December 21, 2019
When it comes to mining safety, there is strict compliance to adhere to and supervising of operations. But what about when workers are travelling between job sites?
HSSE compliance means that every worker at a mining site has a right to a safe work environment and mining operations work hard to ensure these obligations are met.

But workers also have a right to be protected when they are operating machinery or behind the wheel of a vehicle and travelling between job sites or in remote locations.

Improving mining safety – even behind the wheel


Australian Safety and Compensation Council (ASCC) data has shown that vehicle accidents represent 41 per cent of all compensated work fatalities.

It highlights the need for strong regulations to ensure workers are kept safe. This can be difficult, though, as even regularly maintained and serviced vehicles can still be involved in an accident.

Fatigue can become a factor, the elements can also cause vehicle breakdowns or accidents and animal strikes can also occur out of the blue.

If a worker’s vehicle was to break down or be involved in an accident in an area of limited mobile reception, how long would it take your operation to find out? How long would it take for emergency support to reach them?

That is why mining safety should include journey management software to ensure all drivers reach their destination – or receive assistance in a timely manner which is vital in rural and regional parts of Australia.


JMS – the cloud-based health and safety journey management platform to enhance mining safety


Journey Management System is a cloud-based mobile app that uses phone reception in tandem with GPS to monitor workers and improve mining safety.

Entire journeys can be mapped and then the process becomes automated, with the driver’s vehicle triggering checkpoints along the way. If they do not reach a checkpoint on time, alerts are sent through the application, via SMS and mobile audio alerts to managers.

JMS can customise these journey management solutions to your needs. Contact us today on 1300 379 577, email or connect with us through LinkedIn or Facebook.

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