How to reduce workplace safety incidents

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December 13, 2019

Despite our best efforts to manage risk assessment and improve our workplace safety habits, accidents will happen.

But many of these workplace accidents can be avoided through some simple and minor changes to our work practices and risk management.

This will ensure your staff not only stay safe but feel safe and protected in the line of duty which will make your workplace a more productive environment for all.


How workplace injuries can impact your business

No employer or safety professional wants to see any of their staff suffer injury or illness or worse. 

But aside from the obvious, a workplace safety incident can impact a business in a range of different ways including:

  • Increases in workers compensation claims can lead to higher premiums which hurt your bottom line
  • Lost productivity from having worker(s) unavailable to perform their duties
  • Poor workplace culture which has flow-on impacts including mental health concerns, increased absenteeism and staff turnover
  • Lost time to address the injury issue and ensure the person involved and the workspace have recovered

It is vital to have the proper procedures in place to prevent these workplace injuries from happening in the first place so that you can have a productive, strong and happy work environment for all staff.


How to create or improve your workplace safety and wellness plan

It is likely that your business already has workplace safety policies in place and plans in place to act if the worst should happen.

If you do not, it is vital that you implement them immediately to ensure your staff understand their responsibilities and that potential accidents are avoided.

Even if you do, it is advised to revisit your policy annually and ensure that all legislated requirements under the Work Health and Safety Act and Work Health and Safety Regulations are being adhered to.

When you are reviewing your plan, it is important to:

  • Identify the current needs of your people, places and plans for the future
  • Take action by developing new programs and plans that may need to be implemented and;
  • Ensure that these updates are monitored and reviewed to see if they are successful or need altering.

Complacency can be a leading cause of workplace accidents so never assume your policy is strong enough to prevent all accidents at all times. But constantly reviewing and carrying out a risk assessment as well as revamping you can ensure new challenges are met and identify the hazards that may be new.


Other workplace safety management tips to help prevent common workplace accidents

Strong workplace health and safety policies and plans can go a long way towards preventing accidents and improving levels of risk on the job site, but there are many other strategies that you can implement as well, including:

  • Physicals: Current and new staff should be assessed by a doctor to understand their limitations and prevent them from being placed in a position where their duties could be a hazard to their health.
  • Staff levels: Being understaffed can lead to fatigue, mismanagement and shortcuts being taken which can all lead to workplace accidents.
  • Behaviour: An orderly workplace is less likely to see preventable accidents occurring.
  • Equipment and vehicles: Ensure all routine inspections and maintenance schedules are adhered to and you have strong policies in place to report any issues with your machinery.
  • Education: It is one thing to have a policy, it is another to implement it correctly. Ensure your staff are regularly reminded of their obligations and have easy access to all plans and policy.


Ensure your staff reach their destinations safely at all times

IONYX has developed the Journey Management System (JMS) app for businesses to ensure all of their staff reach their destinations safe and well.

The app uses the GPS of a mobile device to track all work-related journeys and alert you if a staff member has not reached a checkpoint, identified stop or final destination so that you can investigate and send help.


For more information on JMS, contact the team at IONYX today.


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