Road safety app for your community organisation

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October 6, 2020

Are you a community or non-profit organisation that relies on travel as part of your functions?
Many workers and volunteers with the community and non-profit organisations travel great distances to serve their communities, especially in rural and regional parts of Australia.

But how would you know if one of the workers or volunteers had broken down or been involved in an accident if they were in an area of low/no mobile reception? 

JMS (Journey Management System) is a completely automated, hands-free app that monitors your travelling workers and volunteers to ensure they arrive safely at their destinations.

You can be a safety guardian for all of your workers and volunteers that need to travel into different communities to make a difference by incorporating our app into your road safety strategy.


Accidents on the road make up 40 per cent of all workplace deaths

This is a sobering stat provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with the next cause of fatalities (falls, slips and trips) sitting at 17 per cent.

It highlights the importance of proper risk management and journey management strategies for all organisations that have workers or volunteers on the road.


How JMS works and ensures your mobile workers are safe

JMS is a simple app that can be installed on any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Journeys are entered into the app and towns and landmarks on the way are marked with geofences.

You then set the mobile device aside and the GPS functionality will automatically detect when the driver has passed through these geofences.

If they do not reach these destinations on time, alerts are sent via SMS, email and push notifications to management who can act swiftly.

If the driver is out of mobile reception range, the app will still send these alerts with last known location so emergency services are able to locate the driver.

And the app will also automatically use voice to remind drivers of their rest and fatigue management stops along the way.


How your community organisation can get started with JMS

Community organisations are invited to try our JMS app for free, with a 30-day trial available so you can recognise its benefits for yourself.

Customised versions of JMS are also available with your community organisation’s logo, colours and branding to make it instantly recognisable for all of your workers and volunteers.

For more information on JMS and how you can access this vital road safety software including a free 30-day trial, contact our team here or by emailing us at


Here are some additional resources for workers and volunteers who need to drive as part of their function in rural and remote regions:

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