No matter where you work, JMS, Pivotel and Garmin has you covered.

JMS has joined forces with Pivotel and Garmin to provide the most advanced Remote Worker solution available today.

Stay connected to your mobile workforce and ensure they arrive safely.

Save time and money

Simplify your journey management processes and save time on route planning and adjustments. Benefit from instant notifications for real-time updates, automate trip reporting, and optimise routes for efficiency.

Improve safety

JMS covers all safety aspects, from risk assessments for each journey to rapid response protocols for emergencies. Protect your employees with real-time safety alerts and automatic check-in features.

Remain compliant

Ensure compliance by providing predefined journey management protocols and automating documentation to meet regulatory requirements with customisation options for aligning with company WHS policies.

Data-rich insights and reporting for Journey Managers

System access, check-in points, notification configuration and journey risk profiles are loaded and managed through a Company Administration portal.

JMS provides fleets with unrivalled access to detailed insights to improve efficiency and safety through a tailored, ‘quick-look’ dashboard with built-in reporting functions.

Journeys can be managed from the web portal, the mobile app or via email. No more managing Excel spreadsheets, calendars or pdf attachments.

Why JMS?

We like to let the numbers speak about the unparalleled remote worker solutions that JMS offers.

trips arrived safely
0 k+
reduction in operational costs
0 %
kilometres travelled
0 m+
WHS compliance
0 %

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43% of Australian work-related fatalities happen on the road.

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